History of Our Churches

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Each church has a unique history. Some churches seem to arise quickly out of nowhere, growing rapidly, bringing forth much fruit, and opening smaller daughter churches. And those that planted the church enjoy the fruits of their labor and thank God for his blessings towards them.

However, it also happens that the Lord’s laborers, after investing all of their strength into their ministries, see no result. Instead of a large flourishing church, in its place they see just a handful of people, burdened with various problems and spiritual sicknesses. It would seem that a church like this has no future and no hope. Nobody could expect a healthy and fruit-bearing community to ever come forth out of a church like that.

Though it may seem so to people, only time will tell what will happen and what awaits each church in the future.

In this section of the website, we will publish the histories of various churches that are members of the Association. It is our hope that the stories glorify God and encourage those who are active in the difficult ministries of evangelism and church-planting.

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