Music Ministry Department

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Sergey Pronin

Sergey Pronin,
Music Department Director

The department staff:

  • Head of Department: Sergei Pronin: (916) 832-7770, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • First Deputy Head of the Department: Nicholay Neverov
  • Secretary: Ivan Senin
  • Training workshops for presenters: Ivan Mileev, Andrew Andreus, Vladimir Mysin
  • Education and conferences: Sergey Yanovskiy, Nicholay Neverov, Ivan Senin
  • The combined choir and orchestra for the holidays: Vladimir Mokhov, Leonid Burgiev
  • Information on dates and the time frames: Vladimir Mokhov, Ivan Senin
  • Youth Choir and the combined worship groups: Angela Dyadchenko, Pavel Nefedov, Paul Yanovskiy

The staff has meetings on specific dates at least once a month. During those meetings, the staff makes plans, discusses and solves issues that arise.

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